Hawaiian Island Vintage Surf Auction. Part 3- Encounter with Duke Boyd.

Duke Boyd was the founder of Hang Ten and one of the main players in the Lightning Bolt brand, two of the most iconic surf wear brands of all time that together laid the foundations for what is today a $30 billion industry.
I got to meet Duke at the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction and chat with him about an intriguing item from the Sydney Surf Auction of Vintage Surfboards and Memorabilia from a few years back.
The story goes that someone found a manila folder at the Gymea rubbish tip containing the original license agreement for Lightning Bolt board shorts and walk shorts in Australia, an agreement that would have a huge impact on the look of Australian beaches. The part I loved was the contracts contained naive hand drawn sketches by Duke Boyd including this one with notes that read-
Cord & Denim walk short.
This is the current happening style in walk shorts.
I tried a different approach- mixing denim and corduroy, tone on tone.
It would sell.

Duke was so fascinated by my story he momentarily looked up from his newspaper he was reading.


  1. definitely a treasure Damion - Gymea tip an all - have you seen our post on Gordon Woods Taxi Licence...http://blogs.hht.net.au/surfcity/?p=2148 ...?

  2. I really like it. It's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post.