It does happen, it just doesn't happen very often.

A lot of people write to me with enquiries about a surfboards that are worth $10 that they hope are worth $1000. I'm always happy to have look at the pics and give my advice where I can. Because occasionally, very occasionally someone will write with pics of something that they do not realize is truly extraordinary. 
I've lost the email so I have no way to contact the owner of this board from North Queensland who wrote to me with little idea of the financial and historical value of what was sitting under his house. An amazing piece of surf history, a Terry Fitzgerald hand shaped single fly pin tail from the apex of the short board revolution, approx. 1973 with a fantastic Matin Worthington spray. A board that's on the top ten list for any collector or museum anywhere in the world. Sure she's a little rough, but nothing that won't clean up and fetch upwards of $3000 any day of the week. Good luck old man, may this post find you before the vultures do.

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