Evolution of the Thruster (logos)

Gavin is a dedicated collector from the wave rich north coast of New South Wales. He has sent me the pics below of a small but interesting part of his collection that focuses on Simon Anderson Thrusters, post Energy surfboards label, and before his current S surfboards label. Simon tells great stories in his book Thrust about this 'wilderness' period when he went out of Vogue with the surf industry after Energy and, among other adventures including finishing pre-shapes at Insight, made it through by pulling hell stints in Japan smashing out a up to 15 boards a day, seven days a week and living on a diet of fresh swordfish and kiren beer in his one room apartment and watching Japanese sumo wrestling on TV. Later he took some good advice and refocused his shaping career under the S label that is still thriving with test pilots like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and the late Andy Irons.

A board from the period immediately after Energy.

A little latter and a little more refined shape.

A US made Nectar Thruster that currently on the boat. 

A South African made Country Rhythms Thruster

and a later 80's pre "S" label thruster featuring the return of the Energy label.

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