Hawaiian Island Vintage Surf Auction. Part 1

It was an honor and a privilege to be invited by Randy Rarrick to be an appraiser at today's Hawaiian Island Vintage Surf Auction along side Dan and Tim from Kona. It was just so exciting to see a dusty board bag come through the door with the silhouette of something I recognized. Let me share with you a selection of the wonderful craft I got to appraise and some of the great people I got to meet.

The appraiser at work.

My first board of the day. An Owl Chapman shaped Dick Brewer label swallow tail single fin.

Tim looking over an 80's Surfers Alliance long board with truly mad spray.

A Russel Kim shaped Lightning Bolt swallow tail single fin.

Dan has a close look at the Ben Apia single fin.

The curious owner and his Rich Park single fin.

The original owner with his custom 1971 Chris Gardner shaped Lightning Bolt single fin.

An original Barry Kanaiaupuni Bolt in need of a bit of love and restoration.

An 80's Blue Man thruster with great spray top and bottom.

An absolutely mint Local Motion single fin that belonged to this guys late brother in law. He thought it was worth about $100. I set him straight.

Lots of long boards came through this year. Just when we thought the supply was drying up a whole new load came out of the wood work.

A 1970 G&S single fin from San Diego.

A wheelbarrow load of Surfline Hawaii's and T&C that had seen better days.

A beautiful Bill Barnsfeild bolt

A labeless Glen Minamari tri fin with great spray.

and many more. What fun!

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