Wave tools twin fin Part 9- Texas

I weigh a tonne. 100kgs, around 220 pounds. I like short boards but I can't ride anything less than six foot and I wont buy anything for the collection that I cant ride / test. Boards over 6'0" are traditionally ridden by bigger, more powerful guys, who by definition, generally end up trashing the board. That's why I think I find it hard to find a good, clean rideable vintage short board over 6'0".
So when I found a 6'0" Wave Tools twin fin with brick wall spray similar to the one below pictured with Jeff Parker and Lance Collins for sale on the internet I was pretty stoked. But the board was in Houston, Texas and the freight quote I got was more than the cost of the board.

Then I learned I had to go to the live music capitol of the US, Austin for a work meeting. I got to Austin and found out one of the guys I'm due to meet with is driving down from Houston in a van. I called him and he was leaving in an hour and agreed to go pick up the board for me on the way through.
Right at that moment an email came through from the seller calling off the deal.

So close yet still so far.
My search for the Wave Tools twin fin continues.

Tim from Kona has shared these pics of his "Neon and brick wall" 80's spray.

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