Thrust Part 4- South African connection via London

The real story with Zac's Simon Anderson thruster is how close it came to being part of the boardcollector collection. When Zac contacted me with his offer to sell the board I was naturally very interested. But how was I ever going to get a 1981 South African Country Rhythm Simon Anderson thruster from South Wales in the UK to California? The freight would be double the value of the board, (the true maximum value of the board being US$450 to $500). Unless someone was going to Wales or at least the UK who could pick it up and hand carry it to the US. So I go to work the next day and learn I'm off to Berlin for a meeting. Well Berlin co-incidentally close but not walking distance. Till I realize I've got a 3 hour layover in Hethrow. Wait a minute. All the elements are starting to line up. Shipping to the unaccompanied baggage store at Hethrow would be under $60. I could pick it up on the way back to California and it could take it's rightful place beside it's cousins, my original Energy thrusters. As I write this I'm on the plane over the Atlantic marveling at how the universe conspires to make amazing things happen but the folly of men always endeavours to stop them.


  1. Yeah I even offered to drive it to Heathrow for you, coulda worked out sweet if you hadn't have turned out to be a huge time waster.....least you look cool on your blog, eh?


  2. Dear Zac, I was completely genuine. When discussing price you emailed me a link with a price of $1800. You are a complete time waster and or stupid / greedy. I'm trying to be as polite as I humanly can about this story, which in truth is a very sad one.

  3. ended up selling on ebay for about 300 pounds, I bidded on it and missed out by a few pounds, woulda loved to have this in my collection, it was one of the cleanest Simon Anderson's i've seen!